Digital Denturism

Our technologies

We use cutting-edge technology and are ahead of Quebec in our field when it comes to registration of dental scans with facial scan alignment for on-site denture conception!

Intra-oral scanner

Records directly in the mouth with a 3D camera

Table scanner

Correction tool and physical model import

Face scanner

Perfectly records your face in 3D, very useful for the complete denture designer and the patient

3D printer

Enables on-site production of our 3D printed try-in models and reference models.

Le processus

Le processus expliqué le plus simple possible

We offer all denture services

  • Complete standard digital denture aligned with face scan
  • Immediate complete denture aligned to face scan
  • Digital measurements and face scan alignment for diagnosis of future complete denture
  • Collaboration with surgeon for implant denture services
  • Digital measurements for fabricated partials
  • Emergency repair
  • 30-minute free consultation

Advantages of digital dentures

  • Natural aesthetics
  • Improved denture comfort
  • One to two fewer appointments
  • The patient can help create his smile
  • The patient can bring their try-in denture home for a series of tests
  • Clean and greener manufacturing
  • Reduction of human error
  • Helps to better diagnose problems
  • Able to replicate the denture in one click
  • Reduction of clinical materials. No more paste in your mouth!
  • Dentition for life

Digital services for Professional

  • Complete digital denture design services from trial period to final
  • Intra-oral scan service with face scan and alignment with your CBCT scan for your laboratories in fixed dentures
  • Training courses in complete dentures

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Frequently asked questions

The price of a digital denture is similar to a high-end traditional method denture, digital service included! Not to mention that the renewal of your future dentures already will be less expensive because the design is already done, a simple scan is enough.

The final product is high impact acrylic already used by most professionals and dental laboratory for several years.

Yes! The first appointment is the longest, the measurements, then the digital method saves you two to three visits.

There are many! Firstly, the safety of a dentition for life. In one click we can respond to an emergency in less than 24 hours. Digital accuracy is unmatched in its virtual model generation and design tools. The safety of custom-made aesthetic with the face scan is unheard of! You can even assist the conception of your smile. The 3D printed try-in denture allows you to test the final version… before your final denture. That’s never been seen before!!!