Numerica Dentaire was created following the success and growth of Benoit Hébert Denturologie Numérique.

Headed by Mr. Benoit Hébert, denturist, and his team, they alone have 30 years of experience in dentures including the last 4 years in digital service only. Our customer service is led by Ms. Sanny Bouchard, a T.R.A. MD graduate and winner of 4 Awards of Excellence in Canada for Medical Device Sales and Services.

Our new premises are designed solely to specialize in full digital denture services. In order to provide our customers with unparalleled service, safety, precision, and comfort, our technology is utilized to meet the numerous needs they have for complete dentures.

Far beyond our technology and digital innovation, our mission is to serve our customers first and foremost. That is why we are promoting a service that is unique in Quebec: A Dentition for Life. This concept aims to provide assurance of maintaining the same dentition life, thus ensuring a safe, predictable, and cost-effective replacement of dentures …